Inspirations – Thur., Oct. 22, 2020

Would you let your grandma decide what you wear on a night out to the club?  Not many people want someone else making their decisions for them, especially when that person might not see the world the same way as they do.

An analogy on voting your choice by

Michelle Obama

Former 1st Lady of the United States

Leadership, Power & Restraint – The Cuban Missile Crisis

A president spoke, military might converged, politicians worked “across the aisle.”  A nation forgot for a moment to distinguish black from white, democrat from republican, liberal from conservative; for in some crisis, foxholes and tombstones are not so marked, and consequences are equally shared.  The Cuban Missile Crisis: October, 1962 . . . 

– President John F. Kennedy’s address to the nation-

– Allied Forces on the move in Berlin –

– 280mm “Atomic Cannon” preparing in West Germany –

– Me hoping I never have to pull the trigger –

– Members of my squad waiting for orders in West Germany –