Every small post of a blogger,makes a giant leap for mankind!©


I made the commitment to write a daily blog, and here I am writing my third day’s piece.  I don’t know if anyone out there is reading my posts; but nonetheless, I will keep reaching out.  I have a strong faith in human kindness, the common man’s ability to do good, right the wrong, and help and reach out.  I find that blogs are a marvelous tool for ordinary citizens to reach out to each other and brainstorm their thoughts, hopes, and concerns- away from the bellowing shouts of media and politics’ brainwash machines.

Since I discovered the awesome system of reaching out to supposedly total strangers via twitter, tumblr, and WordPress, to say the least, I have been enriched and inspired by so many out there who share their wisdom, their insights, and their concerns for this planet and its inhabitants.

The phrase “great minds think alike” is so…

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