30 Inspiring Bishop T.D Jakes Quotes on the Instinct to Succeed

Vincent Egoro

TD Jakes is a Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur. In his book Instincts, he shares powerful success secrets. Here are 30 inspiring quotes culled from his book “Instincts”:

  1. Most highly successful people didn’t develop in an environment of success, they evolved into it.
  2. God wants us to see beyond the literal, above the bottom line, and beneath the surface of appearances. We all have access to the same information and opportunities as successful people. But some of us never go beyond what is required to add to the task what is inspired.
  3. In this highly competitive world we live in today, meeting the demand will never produce exceptional results. Successful people exceeded what was commanded of them and veered into the creative to which there was no previous point of reference.
  4. If you are not participating in the solution, you are by default adding to the problem
  5. Often the complexity of our…

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