Paying Forward – From Stephanie Short Thomas

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST. This morning I woke up with feelings of gratitude and joy. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for my children. I am grateful for ALL the things I have experienced because they were lessons to get me to this point. It is true: All things in DUE SEASON! I have not liked everything I have experienced but I am glad I did! Even those horrible things became a lesson I could share with someone else. I hope each of us reflects back today. We are all blessed.

I have a young person who is 22 (soon to be 23) that I have been mentoring for almost 1 1/2 years who has had NONE of the things I have had–Parents-Grandparents-Aunts-Uncles-School Age Friends-Friends in General –School Experiences-Sports-Coaches-The Innocence of Childhood-Last Night Night Before 24 Robbers At My Door…Red Robin Red Robin–Send ??? Right Over–Riding a Bicycle…And Last BUT not least—HE HAS NEVER HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY—OMG!

So I have purposed to give him a party for the 1st time in his life!

I need YOU to help….I… don’t want anything for my birthday BUT for everyone reading this post to help me GIVE HIM SOMETHING HE HAS NEVER HAD! So here is the plan: His birthday is in 30 DAYS HE WILL TURN 23 YEARS OLD (yes 23–think back to what 23 was for you) and I told him if he stays out of trouble I would give him a party.

He has two MAIN things he wants THAT HE HAS NEVER HAD

  1. A DRIVER’S LICENSE but he has to take a defensive driving class that cost $600 first and to drive around 285 until all the gas in the car runs out (well the tank gets on E…LOL)


I need everyone who knows me to help me do an act of kindness. Following the lead of a good friend…We are going to ROB HIM WITH KINDNESS (# ROB’dWithKindness …….Not for any other reason than we want to help someone else who has not had the benefit of all we have had and if it brings him one day of joy it still wouldn’t be anything compared to what we have had or make up for all he has endured.

…so I am calling everyone OUT!

Forward this message–Post it–help me HELP HIM!!


If you choose to send a Money Order or Check make it payable to me: Stephanie Thomas and put FOR MC in the memo line

Forward all donations (Write MC in the Memo line) to:

P.O. Box 81505

Conyers, GA 30013

or send via family & friends on paypal:

Now I will ensure that all funds go to the classes he needs to improve his future. He has no idea I am posting this (even de-friended him so he won’t see it) so for those of you that have already met him—please, if you see him, don’t say anything.

I have also found a youth organization that works with young adults up to age 24 so I am am trying to get him connected. He needs a lot of resources and a long term commitment but DIDN’T WE ALL….but for the GRACE OF GOD….where would I be!

Fundraiser TIME!!

Please join me in my birthday celebration by helping me ROB MC with KINDNESS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

{Just a little background: MC was put into foster care when he was about 3….he was the child that fell through the perverbial crack.  God place it on my heart to give him a hand and try to pull him out….he has potential} If you have questions feel free to call me 404-913-2123

Love yall

Stephanie Short Thomas



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