Knocked off Course

Thanks so much for sharing! Certainly we have and will continue to encounter “Closed Doors”, and often will be better off because of it. Examples on Page 5 of the latest VISIONS Newsletter . . PRESS HERE!

Sometimes in the midst of a mighty effort we may find ourselves derailed.  The wind knocked out of us, disappointed and disillusioned, disgusted with ourselves or/and our situation, we become disoriented.  Okay, this is undesirable to most of us, extremely uncomfortable at the very least.

Consider another possibility.  Consider the possibility that the very thing that is hindering you is also assisting you in building your strength, your resolve and your insight.  It can provide motivation.  Further, the challenge may clarify for you how much or how little you want it.  Things that come too easily sometimes tend to be valued less.  It comes so fast sometimes we think it can come again just as quickly and then, we squander it.  cherish the “easy comes” else they become “Easy go.”

Here is a third possibility, one that may really make you say “Hmmmm.”  What if  you are not being…

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