Simply Going To Breakfast While Black

Another reminder of why your vision, your vigilance, your voice, and your vote matter . . .


Author: successisyou

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3 thoughts on “Simply Going To Breakfast While Black”

  1. People just don’t listen anymore…Always ready to give their opinion, in stead of asking themselves, if that opinion was even asked for.
    Sorry, you had to go through that, dear Mr. Ford.

    1. Thanks Patty,
      Although it is uncomfortable and distracting to always need to be on guard, a lifetime of experience (school, work, business, in public) has encouraged me to use these occasions as learning and teaching moments. Many who are not subject to this endless barrage of ignorance, believe that responses such as mine are “playing the Race Card,” when in fact, I didn’t “deal the cards.” I certainly appreciate your understanding, concern and compassion; it keeps me going.

      1. My pleasure. We can learn so much from each other, one of the reasons I visit your site on a weekly base. So, yes, please keep going!

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