About Henry

Henry Ford is an author, speaker, consultant, and publisher of VISIONS Newsletter.  His background includes thirty-six years employment with a world leader in earthmoving equipment manufacturing, including numerous, diverse, and challenging experiences adapting to the corporate cultures of General Motors, White Motors, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, Clark Equipment, Clark Michigan, and Hitachi.  Henry survived layoffs and personnel changes brought about by foreign competition, declining demand and ownership changes.  Despite these and other challenges, Henry worked his way through nine career levels, and upon retirement was retained as a long-term consultant.  His employment experiences and nearly four decades of community service and business ownership help provide the foundation of his message.


Henry returned to school at age 49, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Business/Communications, while simultaneously beginning a second career as an author, speaker and consultant.  Henry’s first book, Success is You, encouraged and recognized personal responsibility and accountability.  His second book, The Power of Association, shared the growth potential and rewards possible through networking and volunteerism.  The Power of Association became a recommended training resource of the United Nations in South Africa.  Henry’s articles have appeared in many publications including Black Enterprise Magazine, Data News, Purpose Magazine, and the Twinsburg Bulletin.


Henry connects to audiences through personal examples, historical references and insightful vision.  A strong supporter of youth, he encourages and inspires youth leaders to establish the direction and momentum to create positive change, encouraging them to make wise choices and teach others of their generation to do likewise.  Henry inspires and challenges people of all ages through speeches, workshops, books, VISIONS Newsletter, and a collection of inspirational and educational public service messages shared around the world.


Henry’s long history of community service includes several years volunteering with REACT, supporting law enforcement efforts to keep our streets safe.  Other service includes several years volunteering as a speaker for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY).  For over two decades Henry was actively involved in BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders.  Henry is a former board member of NAIC’s Northeast Ohio Council, where based upon his efforts, he was recognized nationally with the distinguished IEI award.  Recognition of his work in investment education resulted in his appointment as Deputy Director of the 9th Street Project’s 1000 Churches Program.  Henry’s efforts were recognized in the book It’s About The Money.  In Sydney, Australia in 2004, Henry addressed a meeting of the Australian Shareholders Association and a visiting delegation from China.  Henry is also a member of the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards (PDHA) Committee, an organization devoted to recognizing everyday heroes worldwide.


A strong supporter of family, Henry uses his background to uplift his immediate and extended family.  He was a member of the founding chapter of his family’s reunion.  He also established the family’s scholarship fund, newsletter, web site, blogs and Facebook Group.


Henry is a member of Eagles of Success International.  In keeping with the Christian principles of that organization and based upon his strong personal values, Henry reaches across racial, religious, geographical, class, gender and other divides to inspire and encourage others.  He combines his business/technology background, passion for education and desire to help others, to inspire, encourage and be an example of success and tolerance.  His interests and hobbies reflect his love of people and commitment to life-long learning.  Among in passions are travel, photography and cooking.  Just as that which earns him a livelihood and provides him with a rewarding life, each of these interests involve learning, sharing and self-satisfaction.


Henry has been recognized by the late author Alex Haley, five former members of Congress, and many others, He is the holder of numerous awards including NAIC’s Investment Education Award, Who’s Who in Black Corporate America, Excellent Service in Education, Member of The Year BDPA-Cleveland, Achievement in Life Award, Who’s Who Worldwide, Bud Strong Achiever Award and others.  Henry’s recent awards include Volunteer of The Year (2014) from the Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO), a commendation from World Kindness Liberia (WKL), and a recipient of DeeDee Records 2015 Humanitarian Award.  Henry is a member of the Mt. Zion Church of Oakwood Village.


For additional information, contact Henry at (216) 392-7059, by e-mail at successisyou@yahoo.com or visit www.successisyou.blogspot.com.


Last updated September, 2016



2 thoughts on “About Henry”

  1. Dear Henry,
    I just love this phrase “Your CIRCUMSTANCES are where you are, but your CALLING is where you can go!”.
    As a neighbor on this planet I would like to thank you for your inspiring work and messages.
    Kind regards,

    1. Patty,
      Thanks so much for your comments. Thank you. I am a little slow at WordPress so I am just seeing this. I am planning to catch up and keep up. Please keep doing what you are doing and have a fantastic weekend.

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