THE VOTE: Encouragement and Reflections

There are few things likely to make one more tired of the political process than the focus of the past several months on the national scene.  Despite how tired you think you may be, there is a task and a challenge that needs to be met between now and when the polls close.
There are many things to keep in mind.  One thing is that you being tired, frustrated, and confused are among the many distractions designed to keep you from exercising your rights and responsibilities.  Another thing to keep in mind, is that you are probably not as tired as Rosa Parks was, not as threatened as Dr. Martin Luther King was, not as injured as four young girls who died when an Alabama Church was dynamited. Please remember that Politics are much more inclusive than the much publicized Presidential Election; in fact much of it is local.
On October 14, I attended a Candidate Meet-n-Greet event hosted by (BWPAC), the Black Women’s Political Action Committee.  BWPAC has for years provided a forum for candidates to meet the public, and exchange ideas.  BWPAC provides the location, the food, introduces the candidates, and encourages interactions between candidates and the public.
The forum allows and encourages dialogue in a non-confrontational atmosphere, where concerns can be addressed one on one, or in small groups.  The forum provides one an opportunity to discuss issues without the dramatic, distractive, emotional rhetoric that so often invades our television screens, and tires us of the political process.
A Big Thank You to the organization for their encouragement and support of the political process. The extent of the organization’s political message is this:  BECOME INFORMED AND EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!

Despite claims to the contrary, it is not the Ivory Towers of the elite that make this nation great, but rather the giving, pain, sacrifice and suffering of many.  Among those were the Indians who helped the Pilgrims survive harsh winters, the first responders of 9/11, those who today help to keep an uneasy peace in a world bent on terrorism, and those who insist that the peacekeepers recognize rights and due process.  Our greatness lies in our diversity and ability to be respectful and accepting of others.  


Below are just a few of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order that we might work together toward a greater good. They did not leave us towers from which we would look down upon others, but rather foundations upon which we can build. I am so thankful that we did not build a wall to keep them out!