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Pixel Photo Club Article & Gallery Event

The November 2016 Photo Gallery Event is promoted in a recent issue of VISIONS Newsletter. Updates regarding the event will be shared at
You can view the entire newsletter by visiting 

Illustrations with Olympic Gold!

Pinup Industry

As we say farewell to the Olympics in Rio, some amazing illustrations have been inspired by the athletes. One article in particular shows the power and strength of Positive Women.  


Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno made headlines (and hashtags) during her matches last week in Rio. While she was trending at first for all of the wrong reasons (i.e. body-shaming trolls who did nothing but criticize her figure), the rest of the Twitter community came to her rescue and highlighted how talented she is.

“Gymastics is a sport for brave people,” she said in an interview with Americas Now on CCTV last month. “You need to be dedicated, have a strong will, and lots of persistency. I won’t stop until I have reached my goals.”

To demonstrate exactly how proud everyone is of Moreno…

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Pixel Photo Club Meeting Sep 2016

A Big Thank You to Jason Weitzel for a suggestion for the upcoming September 8th Pixel Photo Club Meeting.  Jason has been using Google’s Nik Collection, described by Google as software to “ Create stunning images faster”.

Jason has graciously agreed to share his knowledge and experiences using this exciting tool during the September meeting.  You may want to browse the site before the meeting, and be able to gain even more from Jason’s presentation.  You can access the site at .

Please plan to attend and invite a friend.  For possible schedule changes and other information, please visit Pixel’s Facebook Page at or the Blog at  

Gallery Showing Planned for Nov., 2016

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and More!


Photography is more powerful than the title implies.  In November of this year, members of the Pixel Photo Club will display photos in the gallery at the Twinsburg, Ohio Public Library.  This will be your opportunity to see the works of some of the area’s top photographers in a single, convenient location.  Pixel club members represent a wide range of interests and expertise.


Gallery showings provide both photographers and audiences opportunities limited only by one’s imagination and passion.  In August 2014 I was fortunate to participate in a gallery showing.  My contribution to that showing included a collage entitled “Two Faces of Charleston.”  The two photos in the collage were taken during my family reunion in Charleston, South Carolina.  The “magic” of the photo gallery experience, is that one or a series of photos, even when taken with no specific purpose in mind, can create a powerful story and message.  The experience of taking the photos, and their meaning to me are expressed in a newsletter article which can be seen in the photo below
(View photo below in easier to read PDF format, PRESS HERE)


So a story that began with two unrelated photos, culminated in a revealing, thought-provoking, and emotional journey through History. My experiences, reflections and projections resulted in my article designed to educate and inspire.  



Others would look at the same two photos, learn and visualize something entirely different.  Still others might see absolutely nothing except for two photos.  The beauty of photography is its ability to entertain, educate, inspire, and open the mind to unlimited possibilities; yet not require the observer to conform to any set of rules.


Please plan to visit the gallery during November.  Updates for this month long event will be shared on this page. To view a brief Slideshow of our preparation for the previous gallery showing please click here!